“After spending three years preparing our book The Trees and Shrubs of Nevada and Placer Counties, California for publication, the Redbud Chapter of the California Native Plant Society sought the services of a publishing services firm through a competitive bidding process. Dovetail’s response was not only the most competitive, but also the most comprehensive. It was an early indication of the efficiency and professionalism we came to expect from Joan and Jon throughout our association with them. They were easy to work with, very responsive, and the suggestions they offered added quality to the publication. We could not have been happier with the result.”

—Chet Blackburn, Project Coordinator
—Bill Wilson, Photo Production Coordinator


“We love the close working relationship we have developed with Dovetail over the past five years. Dovetail is a valued member of the publishing team on all of our books. They are true professionals — exacting about quality and schedules, creative, flexible, and excellent communicators. We’ve already published dozens of successful Dovetail-produced titles and look forward to working with them on many more books in the future.”

—Jim Bull, Publisher, Bull Publishing


“I have been authoring textbooks for over thirty years, during which I have worked with many production companies. Dovetail is the best—by far! Joan orchestrates the many facets of project management with the precision of a Swiss clock. Her page compositions are both elegant and pedagogically sound. In addition to her technical sophistication and her deep well of publishing experience, Joan brings an upbeat, can-do attitude to my projects.”

—Wayne Weiten, Author
Psychology: Themes & Variations
Psychology Applied to Modern Life

“Dovetail Publishing Services is misnamed. It should really be called ‘Phenomenal Publishing Services.’They have a keen eye for detail, a masterful aesthetic sense, and an ability to complete the most burdensome tasks with pinpoint accuracy in tight timeframes. They bring years of experience to the job and are truly masters of their craft. We cannot recommend Dovetail highly enough.”

—Mark Jarrett, Ph.D., Author and Publisher


“Joan Keyes has handled the project management of our highest profile discipline title through at least four editions and a large number of permutations. She has handled the endless deadlines, crushingly large page counts, a demanding author, and an exceedingly large art program with grace and ease. There has never been a point during the project when I felt that our deadlines were in danger, or that the quality of the product was in doubt. I continue to count myself lucky to work with her and look forward to working on future editions together.”

—Lianne Ames, Senior Content Project Manager, Cengage Learning


“The folks at Dovetail are quick, diligent, efficient problem-solvers with the savvy of old-school typesetters who are also adept at using all of the current programs and technology. They are truly a pleasure to work with in all aspects.”

—Julianna Scott Fein, Production Editor, Roberts and Company Publishers


“I have worked with Joan Keyes on the past four editions of my textbook and begged my publishers to ask her to do the current edition. Fortunately, they agreed, and we are once again working together. One of the things I most value about working with Joan is that she takes the time to understand what the authors want to accomplish with the text, with the kind of voice the authors want to present. This then allows her to make suggestions that are geared to make the book as good as possible. She also is extraordinarily kind about helping to work out computer issues, especially important to those who, like me, are much better at writing than at formatting. Finally, the interaction among the copy editor, Joan, and me as author couldn’t be better. I feel as though we work as a team, with everyone’s goal focused on the final product. As I told my editor before beginning the current edition, I can’t do this as well as I should if I don’t work with Joan Keyes!”

—Lee Galda, Author
Literature and the Child

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