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Gardner’s Art through the Ages (12e–15e), Fred Kleiner, Wadsworth

Gardner’s Art through the Ages: A Concise Global History (1e–4e), Fred Kleiner, Wadsworth

Gardner’s Art through the Ages: The Western Perspective (11e–14e),
Fred Kleiner, Wadsworth

Gardner’s Art through the Ages: Non-Western Perspectives (12e),
Fred Kleiner, Wadsworth

A History of Roman Art (1e–2e), Fred Kleiner, Wadsworth

Psychology: Themes and Variations (9e–10e), Wayne Weiten, Wadsworth

Psychology: Themes and Variations Briefer Version (8e–9e), Wayne Weiten, Wadsworth

Psychology Applied to Modern Life (10e–11e), Weiten/Margaret/Dunn/Yost Hammer, Wadsworth

ADJUST (1e), Weiten/Margaret/Dunn/Yost Hammer, Wadsworth

Literature and the Child (5e–9e), Lee Galda & Bee Cullinan, Wadsworth

Language Arts (1e), Galda/Strickland/Cullinan, Wadsworth

Understanding Nutrition (12e–13e), Ellie Whitney & Sharon Rady Rolfes, Wadsworth

Human Physiology: From Cells to Systems (6e), Lauralee Sherwood, Wadsworth

Cultural Anthropology: An Applied Perspective (4e–5e, 7e), Gary Ferraro, Wadsworth

Cultural Anthropology: An Applied Perspective (1e), Gary Ferraro & Susan Andreatta, Wadsworth

Elements of Culture: An Applied Perspective (8e–9e), Gary Ferraro & Susan Andreatta, Wadsworth

Anthropology: The Human Challengee (13e), Haviland/Prins/Walrath/McBride, Wadsworth

Humanity: An Introduction to Cultural Anthropology (8e), James Peoples & Garrick Bailey, Wadsworth

Essentials of Cultural Anthropology (1e), Garrick Bailey & James Peoples, Wadsworth

Psychology (9e), Bernstein/Penner/Clarke-Stewart/Roy, Wadsworth

Essentials of Psychology(5e), Douglas Bernstein, Wadsworth

Western Civilization (3e–6e), Jackson Spielvogel, Heinle & Heinle

World History (3e–4e), Duiker & Spielvogel, Wadsworth

World Regional Geography (6e), Joseph Hobbs, Brooks/Cole

Oceanography: An Introduction to Marine Science (3e–6e),
Tom Garrison, Wadsworth

Essentials of Oceanography (2e–4e), Tom Garrison, Wadsworth

Organic Chemistry (1e–5e), John McMurry, Brooks/Cole

Astronomy: The Solar System and Beyond (1e), Michael Seeds, Wadsworth

Child and Adolescent Development (1e), Karen Owens, Wadsworth

Childhood & Adolescence: Voyages in Development (3e), Spencer Rathus, Wadsworth

Drawing from Life (3e), Clint Brown & Cheryl McLean, Wadsworth

Educational Psychology for Effective Teaching (1e), Ken Henson & Ben Eller, Wadsworth

Human Development (2e), Robert Kail & John Cavanaugh, Wadsworth

Scientific Knowledge (2e), Janet Kourany, Wadsworth

Genetics: The Continuity of Life (1e), Daniel Fairbanks, Wadsworth

Teaching Reading (1e), Suzanne Barchers, Wadsworth


Corporations Are Not People: Reclaiming Democracy from Big Money and Global Coporations (1e), Jeff Clements & Bill Moyers

Corporations Are Not People: Why They Have More Rights Than You Do and What You Can Do About It (1e), Jeff Clements & Bill Moyers

The Rise of the Corporate Security State (1e), Beatrice Edwards

The Discomfort Zone (1e), Marcia Reynolds

Make an Ethical Difference (1e), Mark Pastin

Capitalism 3.0 (1e), Peter Barnes

More Than Money (1e), Mark Albion

Built to Love (1e), Peter Boatwright & Jonathan Cagan

Leapfrogging (1e), Soren Kaplan

Glow (1e), Lynda Gratton

The Art of Quantum Planning (1e), Gerald Harris

Framing the Future (1e), Bernie Horn

Got Your Attention? (1e), Bernie Horn

Quiet Influence (1e), Jennifer Kahnweiler

Fear Your Strengths (1e), Bob Kaplan & Rob Kaiser

Trust and Betrayal in the Workplace (1e–3e), Dennis Reina & Michelle Reina

Rebuilding Trust in the Workplace (1e), Dennis Reina & Michelle Reina

Make Talent Your Business (1e), Wendy Axelrod & Jennie Coyle

Hot Spots (1e), Lynda Gratton

Love ’Em or Lose ’Em (1e), Beverly Kaye & Sharon Jordan-Evans


Biology: Concepts & Connections (4e–5e), Campbell/Reese/Mitchell/Taylor, Benjamin Cummings

Essential Biology with Physiology (1e), Campbell/Reese/Simon, Benjamin Cummings

Introduction to Chemistry for Biology Students (5e–7e), George Sackheim, Addison Wesley Longman

Introductory Chemistry (1e–2e), Steve Russo & Mike Silver, Addison Wesley

The Planetary System (3e), David Morrison & Tobias Owen, Addison Wesley

Conceptual Chemistry (1e–2e), John Suchocki, Addison Wesley

Essential Biology (2e), Campbell/Reese, Benjamin Cummings

Premiere Pro, Peachpit Press

Secrets of PlayStation Portable, Durham, Peachpit Press


Baby & Me (4e), Deborah Stewart

Hormonal Balance (3e), Scott Isaacs

Diabetes Mellitus (10e), Sue Milchovich & Barbara Dunn-Long

Depression and Bipolar Disorder: Your Guide to Recovery (1e), William Marchand

How to Get Your Kid to Eat . . . But Not Too Much (1e), Ellyn Satter

Less Pain, Fewer Pills (1e), Beth Darnall

Living a Healthy Life with Chronic Conditions (4e: English, Canadian, and Spanish editions), Lorig/Sobel/González

Privileged Presence (2e), Liz Crocker & Bev Johnson

Self-Management of Chronic Conditions (3e), Author


21st Century Chemistry (1e), Kimberly Waldron

Conservation Science: Balancing the Needs of People and Nature (1e), Peter Kareiva & Michelle Marvier

Memory: From Mind to Molecule (2e), Larry Squire & Eric Kandel


The 20/20 Diet (1e), Phil McGraw

The Doctor’s Diet (1e), Travis Stork

The Doctor’s Diet Cookbook (1e), Travis Stork

Life Code (1e), Phil McGraw

Mad Love, Colet Abedi

The Devil’s Daughter, Hope Schenke-de Michele & Paul

Family: The Good F-Word (1e), Troy Dunn

When Love Calls: A Memoir of Great Devotion, Norm Supencheck with Marcus Brotherton


Art Across Time (3e), Laurie Adams


Let Your Life Speak (1e), Parker Palmer, Jossey Bass

Critical Issues in Global Health (1e), C. Everett Koop, Jossey Bass

The Therapist’s Workbook (1e), Jeffrey Kottler, Jossey Bass

The Global 200: Executive Recruiters (1e), Nancy Garrison-Jenn, Jossey Bass

How Foundations Work (1e), Dennis McIlnay, Jossey Bass

Saldo a favor: Intermediate Spanish for the Business World (1e), Galloway/Labarca/Rodríguez, John Wiley & Sons

The Principal’s (and Teacher’s) Guide to Winning Grants (2e), David Bauer, Jossey Bass


At the Grammys! Behind the Scenes at Music’s Biggest Night, Ken Erlich

Dark Magus: The Jekyll and Hyde Life of Miles Davis, Gregory Davis


Guided Spelling (Teachers’ Manual & Student Pages; Grades

1–6), Katherine Newman & John Shefelbine


Ashtanga Yoga (1e), Baba Hari Dass, Sri Rama Publishing

Silence Speaks (2e), Baba Hari Dass, Sri Rama Publishing


Talespinners (1e), Linda Garrity

Exploring Math with Books Kids Love (1e), Kathryn Kaczmarski


El Capitan, Tanis Thorne

Watercolor: It’s Only a Piece of Paper, Sonja Hamilton

Don’t Die with Your Song Unsung, Gary Russo & Andrea Goeglein

A Closer Look at “Button Quail”, Jodi McDonald

Razz Ma Tazz, Stan Zabka

Going to Water, Stan Rushworth

Do You Really Have a Choice?, Marcy Calhoun

Teaching Your Children Well, April Weimer

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